Regulation Change Could Bring Clarity and Protection to Crypto Industry

Posted on 27. January 2023 in Allgemein

• Congress may separate crypto exchange and custody the same way it separated Wall Street and commercial banking.
• Rep. French Hill is the chair of the Financial Services Subcommittee on Digital Assets, Financial Technology and Inclusion.
• Clarity on which agency, the SEC or the CFTC, will seek explicit oversight is what the Subcommittee is sorting through.

The crypto industry may soon be impacted by a regulation change that has been nearly a century in the making. Congress is considering separating crypto exchange and custody the same way it separated Wall Street and commercial banking. This potential regulation change is being looked at by the Financial Services Subcommittee on Digital Assets, Financial Technology and Inclusion and its chair, Rep. French Hill.

The Subcommittee is currently sorting through the specifics of which agency, the SEC or the CFTC, will seek explicit oversight. Rep. Hill has said that the Subcommittee is trying to “sort through” the proposed regulation change and its implications. If the regulation change is enacted, it could have a major impact on the crypto industry and how people use cryptocurrencies.

The regulation change is an attempt to provide more protection for investors by separating custody from exchange. Currently, many exchanges are both custodians and market makers, meaning that they are responsible for both the storage and trading of crypto assets. By separating the two, investors would be better protected from potential losses due to mismanagement or theft.

The crypto industry has seen its share of scams and hacks in recent years, and this regulation change could provide much needed clarity and security. It could also open up the market to more institutional investors who may have been wary of investing in the space due to potential risk.

The regulation change is still in the early stages of discussion, and it may be some time before it is enacted. But it is a step in the right direction for providing more clarity and protection for investors in the crypto space. As more details emerge, the industry will be watching to see if the proposed regulation change will be a boon or a burden.

Timothy Stranex Leaves Cryptocurrency Exchange Luno, Simon Ince Appointed CTO

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Bullet Points:
-Timothy Stranex, the co-founder and chief technology officer of cryptocurrency exchange Luno, has departed the company in December 2020.
-Luno was founded by Timothy Stranex, Carel van Wyk, Pieter Heyns and current CEO Marcus Swanepoel nearly 10 years ago.
-Simon Ince has been appointed as Luno’s new chief technology officer, after joining the firm as its vice president of engineering two years ago.

In December 2020, cryptocurrency exchange Luno announced the departure of its co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO), Timothy Stranex. The company, which is owned by Digital Currency Group (DCG), has over 10 million customers worldwide, with offices in London, Singapore, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Lagos and Sydney.

Stranex founded Luno, which was formerly known as BitX, nearly 10 years ago with Carel van Wyk, Pieter Heyns and current CEO Marcus Swanepoel. He has now been replaced as CTO by Simon Ince, who joined Luno just under two years ago as its vice president of engineering.

Prior to launching Luno, Stranex was the founder and CEO of a software company called Zuma Technologies. He also founded a digital media company called Moduzo, which was acquired by the South African media group Primedia in 2014.

In a statement, Stranex said that he was leaving Luno in order to pursue personal projects. “I am extremely proud of what we have achieved at Luno,” he said. “I’m now looking forward to embarking on some personal projects and pursuing some of my other interests.”

Swanepoel praised Stranex for his contribution to Luno and wished him well for the future. “Timothy was instrumental in building Luno into what it is today,” he said. “I want to thank him for his contributions and wish him all the best for the future.”

Ince has been appointed as Luno’s new CTO. He previously served as the vice president of engineering and has been responsible for overseeing the development of the company’s product and technology. He also co-founded a company called Vodacom Digital Ventures, and was part of the founding team at a digital identity startup called Yoco.

In a statement, Ince said he was excited to take on the role of CTO at Luno. “I am thrilled to be taking on the role of CTO at Luno and look forward to leading the development of our products,” he said. “I am passionate about building digital products that make a difference in people’s lives and I am looking forward to being part of the Luno team and helping to shape the future of digital currency.”


Crypto Investing: CFP & CFA Institutes Provide Guidelines for Financial Advisors

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• The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board) and the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (CFA Institute) have recently issued advisories and guidelines for financial advisors regarding cryptocurrency investments.
• The CFP Board issued a “Notice to CFP Professionals Regarding Financial Advice About Cryptocurrency-Related Assets” in November 2020, which will govern how holders of the CFP certification should advise clients about cryptocurrency investments.
• The CFA Institute has also issued a “Crypto-Asset Valuation Framework” to help financial advisors better understand the valuation of crypto-assets and make sound investment decisions.

Cryptocurrency is becoming an increasingly popular asset class for investors and financial advisors alike. With the rise in the number of investors looking to diversify their portfolios into digital assets, financial advisors have a responsibility to ensure that their clients are making sound investment decisions. In order to ensure that advisors are providing the best advice to their clients, two of the most respected credentialing organizations in the financial services industry, the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board) and the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (CFA Institute), have issued advisories and guidelines to help financial advisors better understand and advise on cryptocurrency investments.

The CFP Board issued a “Notice to CFP Professionals Regarding Financial Advice About Cryptocurrency-Related Assets” in November 2020, which outlines the CFP Board’s expectations of how holders of the CFP certification should advise clients about cryptocurrency investments. The notice states that CFP professionals must be knowledgeable about the asset class and must remain current on industry developments, market conditions and strategies, as well as the associated risks. CFP professionals must also be aware of the regulatory environment and any applicable laws or regulations. In addition, the CFP Board recommends that advisors adhere to the same standards of care for cryptocurrency investments as for any other investment.

The CFA Institute has also issued a “Crypto-Asset Valuation Framework” to help financial advisors better understand the valuation of crypto-assets and make sound investment decisions. The framework outlines six methods for valuing cryptocurrencies, including market comparison, discounted cash flow analysis, technical analysis, option pricing, real options analysis, and machine learning techniques. The CFA Institute also recommends that advisors follow the same risk management and regulatory compliance guidelines as they would for any other asset class.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow and evolve, financial advisors must stay up to date on the latest developments in order to ensure that their clients are making sound investment decisions. The CFP Board and the CFA Institute have both taken steps to provide guidelines and advisories to help financial advisors better understand and advise their clients on cryptocurrency investments. By following the guidelines and advisories issued by these two organizations, financial advisors can ensure that their clients are making informed and responsible investment decisions.


Gemini Terminates Key Partnership with Genesis Amidst Growing Financial Woes

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-Genesis Global Trading, a crypto lending product pitched to smaller investors, is in dispute with Digital Currency Group, its partner.
-Digital Currency Group is the parent company of Genesis and CoinDesk and is looking to sell some of its venture-capital portfolio, worth around $500 million, to pay off its creditors, who Genesis owes over $3 billion.
-Lumida CEO and co-founder Ram Ahluwalia weighed in on the latest tensions escalating between DCG and Gemini.

Tensions between Digital Currency Group (DCG) and its partner Genesis Global Trading have been escalating recently, with DCG’s crypto lending product pitched to smaller investors now in dispute. Gemini, the crypto exchange owned by the Winklevoss twins, has now terminated a key aspect of their relationship.

Lumida CEO and co-founder Ram Ahluwalia weighed in on the situation, pointing out that Genesis’ current financial woes are at the heart of the dispute. It has been reported that Genesis owes its creditors over $3 billion, prompting its parent company, Digital Currency Group, to look at asset sales to pay off the debt.

The Financial Times reported on Thursday that DCG is considering offloading some of its venture-capital portfolio, worth around $500 million. If a sale were to take place, it would go some way to helping Genesis pay off its creditors, which includes some of the biggest names in the crypto industry.

However, a sale of assets could also have some negative implications, with concerns over the potential implications for the liquidity of the overall market. The sale of venture capital portfolios could potentially lead to a decrease in venture capital investments, as investors become more cautious and pull back their capital.

It is unclear how the dispute between DCG and Gemini will be resolved, with the latter having been a prominent partner for Genesis for quite some time. It remains to be seen whether the two companies will be able to reach an agreement, or whether the situation will escalate further.

Whatever the outcome, it is clear that the dispute between DCG and Gemini has exposed the underlying financial issues at Genesis. Whether it is able to pay off its creditors remains to be seen, but the sale of assets could be the only way for it to do so. As the dispute between the two companies continues, all eyes will be on the crypto industry to see how it continues to evolve.


How to Set a Song as Your Ringtones on Your iPhone

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If you’re an iPhone user, you’ve probably noticed that the standard ringtones on phones are generally too generic and become irritating. To stand out to make the phone unique, you can create an individual ringtone of your preference. It doesn’t matter if it’s your favourite song or even a soundbite from a film making a song the ringtone of iPhone iPhone is a fantastic method for you to customize the phone, making it even more exciting.

We’ll discuss how to make a song your ringtone for your iPhone. We’ll discuss how to download songs through Apple Music or a third-party platform, the process of creating the ringtone you want from your music library as well as how to set up an individual ringtone and the best way to manage your Ringtones. We’ll also provide suggestions for troubleshooting, and finish with some final ideas.

Steps to Set a Song as a Ringtone

To make a song your ringtone for your iPhone You’ll need first download the song via Apple Music or a third-party platform. After that you’ll have to create an ringtone using your music library or the one that you downloaded. In the end, you’ll need create the ringtone for your iPhone. Let’s look at the steps in more depth.

Downloading Music from Apple Music

If you’d prefer to set a song that’s available on Apple Music as your ringtone it is necessary to download the song using Apple Music. Apple Music app. For this to be done, simply open your Apple Music app and search for the song you want to use for your phone’s ringtone. Once you’ve found the track click the download icon beside the track to begin downloading it. When the download is completed then you’re ready to move for the next one.

Downloading songs from third-party platforms

If you’d prefer to set a song from a third-party website to be your ringtone, you’ll have to download the song to the platform. For this to happen, simply open the platform and browse for the song that you’d like to make your ringtone. After you’ve located the song you want to download, click on the download icon beside the song to start downloading it. When the download is finished then you’re ready to move for the next one.

Create a Ringtone from the Existing Music Library

In order to make the ringtone of the songs in your existing libraries of songs, you’ll have first launch the iTunes application for your iPhone. After opening the app, you can select the song you’d like use as a ringtone in your library, and then tap the song to open it. After the song has been opened then tap the “Edit” button in the upper right corner . Then, select”Create AAC Version “Create AAC Version” option. This will generate a brand fresh version which you can later modify to create your own custom tone.

Setting a Custom Ringtone

After you’ve made your own custom ringtone, it’s time to enable it on your iPhone. In order to do that, go to the Settings app on your iPhone and choose”Sounds and Haptics. “Sounds & Haptics” option. Once you’ve found this menu, select”Ringtone “Ringtone” option and select the ringtone that you’ve made. Once you’ve done that the personalized ringtone will be activated and will be played when you get a phone call.

Managing Your Ringtones

After you’ve set your personal ringtone, it’s possible to control your ringsongs. To do that, open your Settings application within your iPhone and then select”Sounds and Haptics. “Sounds & Haptics” option. After you’ve accessed this menu, click on the “Ringtones” option and select the “Manage Ringtones” option. From there, you can review, edit and remove your customized Ringtones.


If you’re having difficulty making a song your ringtone for your iPhone There are some options you could try. Make sure that you’re downloading the song from a trusted source. If you’re downloading it through Apple Music, make sure that the song is available in your area. If you’re downloading the track through a third-party website ensure that the platform is legit and the song is in a compatible format.

If you’re having difficulty selecting the song to be your ringtone, you can create an entirely new ringtone using the song. In order to do that, you must open the iTunes application in your iPhone and then select the song you want to make a ringtone using your library. After the song has been opened then tap the “Edit” button in the upper right corner , and then select”Edit” and then the “Create AAC Version” option. This will generate a brand different version which you can later edit to make your personal sounding ringtone.


Making a song the ringtone of your iPhone is an excellent option create a phone that is personal and exciting. To achieve this, you’ll need start by downloading the music to Apple Music or a third-party platform, then create an ringtone using your music library or from the music you downloaded earlier, and create the ringtone for your iPhone. After you’ve completed this you’ll be able to manage your ringtones using your Settings application on the iPhone. If you’re struggling to set an ringtone for a particular song try downloading the track from a reliable source, or making a brand new ringtone using the song.

Set a song to be the ringtone for an iPhone is a great method for you to give your smartphone individual and distinctive. It doesn’t matter if it’s your favourite song or a humorous sound clip from a film choosing a song to be your ringtone can be a fantastic option to add a bit of individuality on your mobile. Following the steps within this post, you’ll have the information and tools to select a song to be your ringtone for your iPhone.


Unlocking the Power of Pretty Little Thing Codes

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The little things can be a fantastic method to save money while shopping on the internet. When you’re trying to find discounts on your purchase or simply want to be sure that you’re getting the most effective bargain Finding the best coupon will make an enormous difference. This article will examine the potential of these tiny thing codes, their benefits that they offer, the best way to get them, the best tips for using them, well-known codes, possible issues as well as a conclusion.

What Are Pretty Little Thing Codes?

Pretty Little Thing codes are discount coupons which make it easier for shoppers to save money when they purchase items on the internet. These codes can be utilized across a range of websites that include Pretty Little Thing. They are available in many formats, such as coupons, promo codes, and even exclusive deals. Some codes are limited to specific customers, while others are accessible to everyone who uses the coupon code.

Benefits of Using Pretty Little Thing Codes

The primary advantage of using these tiny code is that they will assist shoppers to save money. By using the correct code shoppers are able to save an enormous amount of money when they purchase. Furthermore these codes could aid shoppers in finding the most lucrative bargains available. Pretty Little Thing has a vast array of codes to choose from which means that shoppers are certain to find one that will work for them.

How to Obtain Pretty Little Thing Codes

Pretty Little Thing coupons can be obtained through many ways. The most popular method to acquire codes is to sign up to the Pretty Little Thing newsletter. When they sign up, customers will be offered exclusive deals and discounts that they can use to purchase items. In addition, customers can locate codes on the internet by searching for “Pretty Little Thing codes” or “Pretty Little Thing promotional codes.”

Tips for Using Pretty Little Thing Codes

When applying Pretty Little Thing codes, it’s essential to read the conditions and terms prior to making use of the coupon. Certain codes might only be offered for specific items or have expiration dates. Also, customers should ensure that they use the coupon code when they check out to be sure they receive the discount.

Popular Pretty Little Thing Codes

Pretty Little Thing has a array of coupon codes for customers to utilize. The most sought-after codes are “FREESHIP” for free shipping, “EXTRA20” for an extra 20% off along with “SALE25” for 25% off certain products. Also, customers must keep an eye out for codes exclusive to them that are distributed via The Pretty Little Thing newsletter.

Potential problems with Pretty Little Things Codes

While making use of Pretty Little Thing codes can be helpful, there are possible issues that customers must be aware. For instance, some codes may not function because of an error being enteredor the code is no longer valid. In addition, certain codes could only be valid for specific items , or may be limited to specific customers.


Simple codes can be a fantastic option to save money when shopping on the internet. By using the correct codes you are able to save a significant amount of money on purchases. In addition, Pretty Little Thing has numerous codes to choose from and shoppers are bound to discover one that is suitable for their needs. Following the guidelines by this piece, customers can save money and get the most value from your shopping experiences.


Cell Phones in Europe

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This is the information you should be aware of when using an North American cell phone in Europe or buying a mobile phone that is compatible with Europe or North America. Most Europeans prefer to use the phrase “mobile phone” or just simple “mobile.” In German-speaking Europe which includes Austria, Germany, and Switzerland the mobile phone is referred to as an “Handy”. What you really should be aware of is that the European “Handy” may also utilize different frequencies and technological standards than those found by Europe, US, Canada and Mexico. Certain North American cell phones, even those that are fairly new are not compatible in Europe.

In the US in the past, AT&T and T-Mobile USA were the only major mobile phone providers that used the identical GSM/LTE mobile phones system utilized across Europe and more than 200 countries across the globe. Verizon started using the similar LTE standard in 2016 however, it recently announced that it would be delay in the end of its previous 3G CDMA service until 2020’s end. (Note that in March 2020, Sprint was acquired by T-Mobile USA.) While LTE (Long-Term Evolution) technology is employed in both locations but it is made more complicated due to the various frequencies and bands that are that are used in different countries. You require the multi-band “world phone” if you are looking for a mobile phone that can be used in various areas and with different carriers.

With a world phone , you can make calls and send texts within Europe and in other international locations (via the international roaming) regardless of which provider you choose to use. A majority of North American cell phone carriers have multi-band phones that can also function in other countries. It doesn’t mean that there are no possible drawbacks to be concerned about. If you bring with you your US or Canadian mobile handset into Europe using it just as the way you do normally in North America, you could be in for some unpleasant (costly) surprise!

Then continue below…

THE 5G DILEMMA In early 2020, all major mobile phone operators across the US were rolling out 5G networks across North America, but there exist several different versions of 5G as well, and even if one have a phone that supports 5G in the USA however, it will not be compatible in Europe or not even be compatible with different service providers within the US! Samsung launched the first smartphone with 5G that was Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10, in the US in the year 2019, however, it was only compatible with Verizon’s high-band 5G network and cost a price of $1,299. (T-Mobile and AT&T have slower low-band 5G but offer greater coverage.) The month of March, 2020 saw Samsung launched its Galaxy S20 range consisting of three 5G models each of which is connected to both high- and low-band 5G networks. However, the Android Galaxy S20 phones start at $199. The most expensive model, the S20 Ultra costs $1,399, however, it comes with the camera that has a resolution of 108 pixels. Apple is yet to release five-G iPhone models. Our suggestion is to not purchase a phone with 5G capabilities right now. If you don’t want it, then you’re better in waiting for a greater choice of 5G phones at less expensive prices to come out.
5G IN GERMANY In July 2019, Deutsche Telekom (DT) launched the first German 5G network, however, it was only available in 2 cities (Berlin as well as Bonn) and also with the Handy costing EUR900. In addition, there are several cities (Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, and Cologne), DT plans to provide 5G coverage across 20 cities in Germany before the year’s end. DT uses high-band 5G. It is faster , however it requires more antennas, and is having problems with reception in structures. Vodafone is now offering 5G services in more than 20 German cities. Germany has been lagging behind on 5G but was slow in expanding its 4G LTE networks. This is especially true in rural areas that have poor coverage. Plans for 5G in Germany include 90 percent coverage by 2025.

International Roaming

To avoid any issues to avoid any issues, here are some essential guidelines for roaming around the world using a mobile phone. If you require assistance with the technical terms and abbreviations listed below, check out the Handy Phone Dictionary for assistance.

CDMA versus GSM In the past, the world of mobile phones was split into two distinct major camps, namely CDMA or GSM. (There were also a number of sub-camps but we’ll keep it short and simple.) The two CDMA along with GSM are digital technologies that were developed to facilitate the transmission of calls in a certain bandwidth, which is far greater than what was possible with older analog (1G) cell phone technology. However, the older 3G CDMA standard couldn’t compete with the superior GSM LTE standard that is currently being used all over the world in different varieties.

Although there was a time when the USA, Canada, and Mexico were still fragmented into a variety of technology, both digital and analog, used for phones on mobiles, Europe became much more unifying as part of GSM (Groupe Special Mobile) in 1987 following a technical agreement. Five years later, the first ever modern (2G) GSM mobile phone system was launched within Finland (July 1992) through a network developed through Telenokia (Finland) along with Siemens (Germany). In the year 1992, GSM was also the first phone to use SMS (short message service) technology for texting that then took worldwide by storm. In the next few years, there would be GSM network, as well as just GSM networks all over Europe.

2G technology for digital cell phones first came into North America several years after GSM was established in Europe. Initial CDMA networks were launched within the United States and South Korea in the year 1996. It was in 1996 that the CDMA standards were later used throughout Canada, China, Japan and Latin America. The most recent CDMA systems operating in North America began to be eliminated in 2016 and to be replaced by LTE which is a kind of 4G lite and LTE-Advanced which is similar to 4G in real. In the present, 5G is rolling out (slowly) throughout the globe. There’s plenty of hype surrounding LTE or 5G. But we’ll keep this for a later article.

GSM and LTE Presently, GSM has taken over dominance across the globe in wireless telephone systems, with more than 3 billion users across more than 200 countries, comprising that of the United States. For Europe, Africa, and large parts across Asia it is believed that the GSM technology is often the sole technology that is used by mobile phones. That means GSM is used by more people in the world (about 85 percent) than all other wireless networks combined. CDMA is dying out due to the fact that it isn’t able to match GSM’s speed. GSM technology. GSM is constantly evolving and offers speedier data transmission speeds as well as higher quality. As the majority of carriers upgrade to 4G/LTE and then 5G, it doesn’t mean that all smartphones will soon be compatible with all phones around the world. It’s actually getting more complicated rather than simpler.

No SIM Card, No Service One feature that is a hallmark of GSM phone technology, which dates to the very beginning of its development was its SIM card. This “Subscriber Identity Module” card is a tiny microprocessor chip which is put into a phone is a distinct feature in every GSM phones. The interchangeable SIM card gives users something CDMA phones could not provide that is the ability to switch between various mobile phone providers. The SIM card helps to authenticate the subscriber and guarantees that the subscriber is correctly charged. The SIM card also stores the personal directories of your phone, phone messages and information about roaming on various networks, as well as other information. The eSIM is an upgraded embedded device that is used on Apple Watches, Apple Watch and newer iPhones. It is required to be switched by electronic means.

The basic rule for international roaming is that you require a SIM card phone. Without a SIM, there is or mobile service within Europe and the rest all over the globe.

Locked versus Unlocked The benefit of the SIM card lies in the fact that it permits users move from one service to another. (Verizon in it’s CDMA time, became famous for locking its customers in to Verizon. Even now, it’s not as accessible like T-Mobile USA and other US carriers.) You must however have a unlocked phone in order in order to make use of the switch to SIM cards. Phones that are unlocked have become more widespread while the standard 24-month contract for mobile phones is becoming less common.

Cell Phone Options for Travelers and Expats

If you’re North Americans going to German-speaking Europe or the reverse There are many possible solutions to the issue of mobile phone standards that differ across the globe. standards. However, which one is the best for you is contingent on a variety of aspects, such as:

  • How many days will you be away from your home computer? (Days, weeks, months, years?)
  • How often do you plan to be away from your home computer? (Rarely? Frequently?)
  • Which service do you currently do you currently
  • Does your mobile phone currently locked or locked?

The answers to the following questions can decide whether you should utilize your provider’s international roaming plan purchase or lease an iPhone, purchase an “travel” phone, use an old one, or buy one with an international SIM card that you can use on the phone. (unlocked) handset. These are the options you have:

Use Your Current Carrier’s International Roaming Most of the time this type of option is only sense for trips that are short or frequently traveled. It typically costs more for calls and data over other options. There is one exception: T-Mobile USA’s no-cost data and calling plans that are available for Europe, Canada, and Mexico. For more details, read the iPhone available in Germany or the GW Expat Blog article: Cell Phone Tips for International Travelers and Road Warriors Dual SIMs, unlocked phones, and free roaming.

Buy – With a Contract Purchase an multi-band phone which can work with the various versions in the GSM system within Europe as well as North America. They are produced by all major cell phone makers and available – with the option of a contract by all major wireless companies within the US. A majority (but but not every) phones from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon’s phones come with multi-band capabilities and include the required bands that are suitable for use for use in Germany as well as Europe. You can “roam” in Germany with your current provider and pay for their roaming charges. (Make sure you’re aware of the terms! Some have lower prices if you sign-up prior to your travel.) This is a benefit because you’ll be able to keep your US number. The downside could be that someone who knows the number (unknowingly) contacts you from overseas could raise your cell cost by more than $1.00 each minute but this is not the case If you are planning ahead.

An alternative is to request your provider to unlock your phone in order to accept an German SIM. There are many German SIM card options to choose from. Find out more about them below.

Buy – Without a Contract

In this way, you’ll receive a phone that is unlocked that is compatible by anyone with every SIM card. The iPhone can be accessible unlocked, however it is much more affordable to purchase it in the US as opposed to Europe. You can purchase the unlocked iPhone directly through Apple’s online store however, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon are now allowing you to purchase an unlocked device with monthly payment. It is also possible to purchase an European mobile phone that’s unlocked, which means you are able to make use of every SIM (even ones from US) using it. An unlocked, decent plain-Jane GSM phone can cost between $200-300 across Europe. (Smartphones cost more.) If it’s not a multi-band model, it will only be utilized within Europe. But multi-band models are readily available. This is a great alternative for those who plan to be traveling to Europe often. Although a decent unlocked phone is priced between $550 and $1000 It’s less expensive than an unsubsidized phone that comes with a contract of two years. There are phones that are less expensive (under $100) in the event that you’re willing to take a smaller number of options and slower speeds. Look below for.

Buy – Prepaid

Purchase an GSM pre-paid wireless phone or SIM card in Europe and Germany that has call time. You can purchase a good “Handy” in Germany for less than $100, which includes the prepaid minutes as well as an “refillable” SIM card that you can top up when required. (See “New SIM Card Legalities” below.) The rate per minute of the typical mobile phone that is pay-as-you go for Germany is different from provider to carrier, however, it’s generally less expensive when compared to international roaming. A different option would be to purchase an all-band phone prior to leaving. It’s cheaper than a phone purchased in Germany. Be sure to ensure that the phone will function in Europe.

New SIM Card Legalities In June of 2017, Germany passed a new anti-terrorism law, which adds an additional wrinkle for those looking to purchase the prepaid SIM. You will need to present the ID of a person and supply an acceptable German address to purchase a pre-paid SIM account in Germany. The SIM card will be sent at the address you have provided. In the past, it was easier. It was easy to purchase an account and bring it along to use with the GSM phone. As roaming in the EU is completely free, many users purchase an SIM card from another EU country to use to roam in Germany. Be aware that this is an interim solution which will only work for a few weeks because roaming times are limited. TIP: Purchase the international SIM card on the internet prior to your travel. Look up “SIM card Germany” or similar terms to locate the provider.

Buy or Use a “Travel” Phone

Are you able to find an older iPhone 7 or 8 lying around? If it’s locked it could be an perfect travel phone. You’ll only need an EU/German SIM card. If you’re not equipped with another phone to choose from, you might consider purchasing a cheap GSM cellphone that you can use to travel. There are refurbished older and unlocked iPhone at less than half the price of an updated iPhone model. Another intriguing option is a dual-SIM device. Find out more about this dual-phones choice within cell phone tips that are geared towards International Travelers and Road Warriors Dual SIMs, Unlocked Phones and free roaming. ( Note that this article requires being updated.)

Use Wi-Fi ( Wlan) and Free Apps

This isn’t a replacement for alternatives but making use of Wi-Fi every day will help you save a significant amount of cash. This may not be an issue in your home, but when you’re on the road downloading data can be costly. Even browsing your email or looking at a website on your smartphone counts against your data limit. Make use of your hotel’s Wi-Fi and Internet hotspots as often as feasible. Many cafes and restaurants across Europe provide free Wi-Fi to paying customers. (Ask you server to provide the login.) Be cautious about online banking, or any other situation in which someone may be able to gain access to your information via an unsecure connection.

Free video conferencing or messaging applications like What’sApp, Messenger, FaceTime (iOS), iMessage (iOS, Mac), Skype, Google, or others are a great method to reduce data or texting or talk charges.

Have a Good Trip – and Stay in Touch! Now you’re aware of how to travel with ease and not give up the connection you’re used to return home. Any of the suggestions above could help you save money while you make the most of your trips abroad. Gute Reise! Bon voyage!


Will Farming Simulator 22 Have Crossplay?

Posted on 7. November 2022 in Gaming

Farming Simulator 22 is coming shortly, and speculations regarding the game are coming out fast. It is known the fact that Farming Simulator 22 will feature new maps, new crops as well as the addition of a array of machinery and a variety of agriculture-related brands. The seasons is the most amazing addition, so be prepared to work on your farm under various weather conditions. The developers will unveil additional features in the near future, too but not everything has been available yet.

The most appealing aspect of Farming Simulator 22 is that there are two brand new maps to play with and the most recent map. This will enable all players to have a broad selection of farming activities. There are more than 400 different farming equipments to pick from, ranging from more than 100 different agricultural brands. The game will offer more depth and provide players more flexibility to choose what they like.

Crossplay will be available for crossplay Farming Simulator 22?

Many players are wondering if the latest version in the farm simulator games will feature Fs22 crossplay. Crossplay lets you play online alongside players who access the game via various gaming platforms. It is something players are fond of doingand we’ve observed examples of crossplay between other games played on different platforms. For instance, the popular games Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one that lets cross-play, bringing thousands of players.

The benefit for crossplay games is players are able to play the game on the gaming platforms of any kind. It is possible to start playing with no loss of progress and without restarting the game. The players love this feature because they are able to play on different platforms. One drawback is that the game that you are playing on one device might be less appealing in terms of graphics and visuals when you play on another platform.

It is not yet clear if crossplay will be included for crossplay in Farming Simulator 22, as the game has not yet been available for download. But, developers are constantly promising innovative features and enhancements and it is possible that we will be seeing this in the next version.

When we examine the prior version of the game, we can draw some generalizations. Incredibly, Farming Simulator 19 was the first game in this series that had an option to play crossplay with Google Stadia or PC. This was an exclusive option for Google Stadia and PC players. It was available only to those who purchased the Premier Edition of the game this was a disadvantage because the player base was extremely small.

Another thing to note about the game played on Google Stadia was that the Google Stadia platform did not allow mods. This made cross-playing not an enjoyable gaming experience PC players since they could play their mods on their PCs but they could not be used to play Google Stadia crossplay. Google Stadia crossplay.

What do mean for the future of crossplay in Farming Simulator 22?

Many game designers are coming up with games that users can play on different platforms. Crossplay is an important feature today, particularly because of the rise of new consoles and rival console makers. The future is when game developers could create crossplay for any type of game like Farming Simulator 22.

We aren’t able to say for certain if Farming Simulator 22 will have the option of crossplaying, but Giants Software is known for its willingness to listen to suggestions from gamers. They might offer this feature to give them an advantage in the market for gaming. This will also lead to increasing sales for the game. The developer’s reputation will grow, and gamers will enjoy a better gaming experience.

It’s difficult to locate an exact and reliable information at the moment the game’s developers remain secluded from the details. We can only guess that they keep track of forums and online threads where players talk about their wishes and requirements ahead of the launch of Farming Simulator 22. Making the game accessible to cross-play isn’t easy and requires a lot of effort. It is possible that the game’s creators will decide to release the game first , and then collaborate with consoles to make it playable across. The anticipation for this thrilling game is about to end We will find out what happens when Farming Simulator 22 will have an option to play crossplay in the next couple of months.