‚Governments and banks are the only winners with the fiduciary coins,‘ says Max Keizer

Keizer’s controversial comments continue to look at global currencies.

Using the analogy of a Hi/Lo poker game – a variety of poker that crowns the highest and lowest hands as victorious – speaker Max Keizer explained that citizens will end up losing when it comes to keeping government issued coins.

„Unless you are a country that can make money by devaluing its currency by receiving kickbacks from Wall Street, which packs all these currencies in the form of negative interest rate bonds, then you only have one choice,“ Keizer said during an October 15 episode of his program, Keizer Report, adding:

„You can only try to win the high hand: gold, silver and Bitcoin. You can’t win by playing the low hand unless you are a sovereign state or a major investment bank, and that is the game today.“

At the end of a complicated year that included the US issuing significant amounts of money, economic difficulties and concerns about the global pandemic, several commentators continue to promote a narrative that Wealth Matrix financial assets over money.

„The foreign exchange market, the paper money traffickers, the sovereign currencies – all are trying to quote ‚fuel inflation‘, but we know this is false,“ Keizer explained. „They are trying to devalue their currency to boost exports at the expense of everyone at the poker table, the geopolitical game. […] The question is – who will have the worst currency in the future?“

Only governments and banks can win the low hand option, according to Keizer. Small players have another route, however – to win the high hand for owning gold, silver and Bitcoin (BTC). People often look to this asset trio for protection against inflation and as protection against other economic conditions.