Meta Platforms Ends Support for NFTs, Web3 Creators Feel Impact

• Meta Platforms announced it was ending its support for NFTs
• AI has been making its way into Web3 and IP rights of works created with the help of AI have been discussed
• Daniel Alegre, new CEO of Yuga Labs, had his first public appearance

Meta’s NFTease: End to NFT Support

Meta Platforms recently ended its support for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) after a short test run. This could be a setback for Web3 creators who use social media to promote their art.

AI’s Impact on Web3

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making an increasing impact on Web3 and Intellectual Property (IP) rights of works created with AI are beginning to be discussed. Some artists are also exploring how they can utilize AI in their work.

Yuga Labs New CEO

Daniel Alegre is the new CEO at Yuga Labs and he gave his first public appearance since taking over the position this week.

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